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Cluster Lashes: How to Extend their Lifespan Like a Pro

Cluster Lashes: How to Extend their Lifespan Like a Pro

If you want to ask what the hottest beauty makeup item is, cluster lashes are certainly on the list!

Cluster lash extensions have become a must-have in makeup, offering a convenient alternative to professional lash extensions.

However, many beauty enthusiasts still have concerns:
Should I choose cluster lashes?
Do lash clusters last long enough?
How can I make the DIY lash extensions last longer?

If you're facing these questions, too, keep reading. I'll comprehensively introduce the features of cluster lashes and how to prolong their staying power.

What Are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes, sometimes called DIY lashes or DIY lash extensions, consist of individual lashes gathered into small clusters. There are many styles, because there is more room for self-creation, so it is equivalent to eyelash extensions that can be made at home.

Lash clusters are applied in much the same way as false lashes, with tweezers and adhesive as the most basic accessories, except that cluster lash extensions have a more suitable lash glue for them.

You can even think of cluster lashes as mini false eyelashes. False eyelashes are usually whole continuous eyelashes, and cluster lashes exist in small clusters, so the distance between lashes and lashes can be well controlled.

Although cluster eyelashes may seem like just a style variation on the surface, did you know that they also involve distinct techniques?

The Technology of Cluster Lashes

The technical distinction of cluster lashes is mainly reflected in the eyelash band, that is, the root of the eyelash cluster. The lash band bonded in different ways will show different eyelash shapes and different use feelings.


As the name suggests, the heat-bonded technique is to press the roots of individual lashes together under extremely high temperatures, creating lash clusters. In the process of making these lash clusters, no adhesives are needed, and it depends on the softening and shaping of eyelash materials under high-temperature conditions.

The lash band of lash clusters created through the heat bonding process has a noticeable glossiness. Since they are pressed together as a whole cluster, the lash band tends to be somewhat rigid. This rigidity can prevent the lash band from comfortably conforming to the curvature of the human eye, potentially causing discomfort for those with sensitive eye skin. Moreover, the pressed eyelash band is relatively hard and brittle, with almost no elasticity. When it is taken out of the eyelash tray, it is easy to fall apart due to its low toughness.

Because of these factors, lash bands produced with the heat bonding technique tend to be narrower, typically within 3mm (the width of the usual eyelash cluster is 5~6mm). This adjustment not only enhances comfort during use but also reduces the likelihood of lashes falling apart.


Cluster lashes with thread-bound techniques usually require the use of specific adhesives during their production. However, it's reassuring to note that the composition of this adhesive differs from the lash glue used for applying cluster lashes. Consequently, lash remover won't have any effect on it.

There are various types of threads that can be employed in the thread-bound technique, broadly categorized as follows:

  • Double Thread-Bound

Cluster lashes using the double thread-bound technique are the most secure. By fixing individual lashes tightly using two threads in a top-to-bottom or front-to-back manner, almost no lash falling apart occurs.

However, due to the presence of two threads, the lash band can appear darker and thicker. When applied to the eyes, the lash clusters with the double thread-bound technique resemble having eyeliner on. Therefore, these lash clusters are better suited for those who prefer bold makeup.

  • Single Thread-Bound

Single thread-bound is what we commonly refer to as a "thin band".  Just like its name implies, securing individual lashes using only one thread to form lash clusters. 

While it may not be as firm as lash clusters with double thread-binding, the lash band of single thread-bound clusters possesses good flexibility due to the use of adhesives. This significantly reduces lash falling apart compared to heat-bonded clusters. The overall feel of wearing these cluster lash extensions is lightweight and thin, and it is currently the most widely used method of making eyelash clusters.

  • Transparent Eyelash Band

Transparent lash bands are also a form of single thread-bound technique, crafted using transparent threads, albeit slightly firmer in texture.

Lash clusters utilizing transparent bands create an illusion of invisibility, resulting in a subtler makeup effect where the lashes appear less pronounced. This technique is often favored for its use on bottom lashes.

With the above classification and introduction to lash clusters technology, undoubtedly, everyone now has a deeper understanding of cluster lashes. In the future, based on your personal preferences, you can choose diy lash extensions with different technologies.

In fact, the manufacturing technology of cluster lashes themselves also affects their longevity.

How Long Do Cluster Lashes Last?

Generally speaking, lash clusters can be reused 2~3 times and last for a week without any problem. If you are a beginner, they may not last the full 7 days on the first application. With practice, they can last 7~14 days. Of course, you can also choose to remove them on the same day if you prefer.

Besides that, there are many factors that determine how long the cluster lashes last.

Factors Affecting the Lasting Time of Cluster Lashes

Condition of Own Eyelashes

 Just as a strong foundation is crucial for a sturdy house, the same applies to the application of cluster lashes. If you aim for extended retention of lash clusters on your eyes, ensuring the health of your natural lashes is paramount. They need to be strong enough to hold the cluster lashes in place.

Some individuals might naturally have sparse lashes, which do not provide a solid "foundation" for the cluster lashes. In such cases, the contact area between their natural lashes and the cluster lashes is minimal, resulting in a quick loss of DIY lash extensions. To address this, you can utilize mascara as a tool. Prior to applying the cluster lashes, applying a layer of mascara can enhance the condition of your natural lashes and increase the bonding surface with the cluster lashes. This approach can effectively extend the longevity of your cluster lashes.

Eye Cleansing Before the Application

Our skin consistently secretes oil, which in itself poses a challenge for cluster lash glue. The presence of oil creates a "threat" for lash glue. It forms an oily film on the surface of your natural lashes, preventing proper adhesion of lash adhesive. Furthermore, hidden within your lashes are dust particles, impurities, and more, all of which significantly affect the adhesive strength of lash glue.

Therefore, prior to applying cluster lashes, thorough eye area cleansing is crucial. You can use regular facial cleansing products or specially formulated lash shampoos for this purpose. Ensure your natural lashes are clean and dry before using cluster lashes.

Choice of Cluster Lash Glue

The market offers a diverse array of lash glue, making it quite a task to find the one that suits your skin and extends the longevity of your cluster lashes. Selecting the right adhesive isn't straightforward. Adhesives that are too gentle often exhibit lower adhesion effects, while professional-grade eyelash extension glues known for their durability can be overly harsh for at-home use.

It's worth noting that when using the cluster lash glue, you can pair it with a lash seal. Not only does the lash seal accelerate the drying process of the adhesive, but it also locks it in place. It provides waterproof and sweat-resistant properties, thus extending the retention of your DIY lash extensions.

The Technique of Applying DIY Lashes

For beauties who frequently wear makeup, cluster lashes are not unfamiliar. They can quickly and securely attach DIY lashes within minutes. However, for beginners, the technique might not be as adept, leading to difficulties in effectively controlling the contact area between cluster lashes and natural lashes. Consequently, this can result in less secure adhesion.

Selection of Makeup Remover Products

Generally, makeup removers do not significantly affect the stability of lash adhesive, except for oil-based makeup removers. The oily substances in makeup removers can soften the acrylic polymers in the adhesive, causing a decrease in its adhesive properties and leading to the shedding of cluster lashes. Therefore, when using oil-based makeup removers or eye and lip makeup removers, it's advisable to avoid the lash adhesive area as much as possible.

Physiological Eyelash Loss

In addition to the aforementioned main factors, the natural shedding of our physiological lashes can also impact the durability of lash clusters. Theoretically, the human eyelash growth cycle is around 21 days. When this cycle completes, our own lashes naturally fall out. Moreover, daily rubbing of the eye area can also lead to eyelash loss, all of which collectively influence the duration of cluster lashes to a certain extent.

How to Extend the Lasting Time of Cluster Lashes

 Now that we know what factors can affect the lasting time of cluster lashes, let's discuss how to extend their duration.

Choose High-Quality Cluster Lashes

High-quality cluster lashes have a more enduring curl, are less affected by temperature, exhibit greater resilience in the lash band, and offer better adherence to the eye area. In contrast, lower-quality cluster lashes may tend to "pop out" in high-temperature environments.

Ensure Thorough Eye Area Cleansing Before Wearing

Be sure to apply cluster lashes after cleansing. It is recommended to use lash shampoo specially designed for eyelash cleaning, which can better clean the oil and other impurities in the deep layer of eyelashes, and at the same time play a role in nourishing eyelashes.

Choose Long-Lasting Eyelash Glue  

The combination of lash bond and seal is highly effective. Lash bond, also known as cluster lash glue, is currently the most suitable adhesive for cluster lashes. Using it along with lash seal can extend the lifespan of cluster lashes to around 10-12 days.

Gently Treats Cluster Lashes

In your daily life, try to avoid rubbing your eyes. This not only prolongs the longevity of cluster lashes but also protects your eyes from bacterial intrusion. Additionally, proper application and removal of cluster lashes are equally crucial.

  • How to Apply Cluster Lashes

CURL - Firstly, gently curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler.
GLUE - Apply cluster lash glue to your natural lashes or the base of the cluster lashes.
LASH - Place the cluster lashes below your natural lashes, 1-2mm away from the waterline.
SEAL - Finally, apply lash seal to lock them.

Avoid Eyelashes in Daily Makeup Remover

When you remove makeup every day, be cautious around the eyes, reducing the frequency of contact between makeup remover and lashes. This helps minimize the impact of oily makeup removers on cluster lash glue. You can use cotton pads or cotton swabs dipped in makeup remover to gently remove eye makeup.

Expert Tips for Long-Lasting Cluster Lashes

a. Limit Frequent Reapplication: Reapplying cluster lashes too often can stress your natural lashes and affect their health. Aim to reapply only after the previous set is no longer viable.

b. Avoid Professional Lash Glue: Use adhesive specifically designed for cluster lashes to prevent eye irritation and complications.

c. Mindful of Lash Tweezers: Be cautious with sharp-tipped lash tweezers to avoid accidents. Keep them out of reach of children and pets.

d. Use less mascara: While it was mentioned earlier that mascara can to some extent increase the contact area between one's own lashes and cluster eyelashes, it's only recommended as a last resort. This is because it can cause lash clumping and shorten their lifespan.


Cluster lashes have unlocked new possibilities for achieving captivating eyes without the need for frequent salon appointments. By mastering the art of application, understanding the factors influencing longevity, and following expert tips for maintenance, you can revel in long-lasting, glamorous lashes. Remember that safety and proper care are paramount, ensuring your cluster lashes not only enhance your beauty but also prioritize eye health. Embrace the allure of cluster lashes and exude confidence with every flutter, as your eyes become the mesmerizing focal point of your radiant persona.

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