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Your Key to Stunning Lashes

Who We Are?

KEYYOU is a brand dedicated to DIY lashes, born out of a belief in continuous growth, innovative exploration, and respect for nature. We are constantly optimizing our products, expanding our product line, and providing you with quality products and an enjoyable shopping experience. Much like the growth rings of a tree, each meticulously crafted product symbolizes our iteration and growth and bears witness to our journey.

In 2023, we continue our path with a commitment to green and environmental protection, embracing the wisdom of the Earth in the pursuit of excellence. Our cluster lashes and accessories are not just beauty essentials, but also representations of the beautiful cycle of nature.

Each product update, much like a new ring in a tree's life, marks our evolution and accumulation of experience. Looking into the future, we are steadfast in our promise to enhance our beauty product line, pursue excellence, and strive for environmental-friendly products.

KEYYOU grows with you, cherishing every moment in the journey of life. Each transformation is aimed at meeting a better version of ourselves!



Cruelty-free, refuse to use animal fur, refuse animal testing.

Quality Guarantee

High-quality raw materials, will not cause any burden to your natural eyelashes.

Safe Payments

Transactions are processed with bank-grade security measures.

Fast Delivery

Delivery within 24-48 hours, you can choose the delivery method according to the actual situation.


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