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Individual Cluster Lashes Kit


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Lash Style40D Lash Kit

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This Kit Includes:

CLUSTER LASHES 300PCS - 8-18Mix, 1 month supply and even more, you can choose your favorite eyelash style.

LASH BOND AND SEAL - Waterproof and dustproof, the secret to making DIY lash extensions lasts 10-12 days.

LASH REMOVER - Quick removal within 30 seconds, no burden on your natural eyelashes.

LASH APPLICATOR - Ergonomic design, easy and comfortable to use.

DOUBLE-ENDED EYELASH BRUSH - The best partner for combing eyelashes, durable stainless steel material.


a perfect blend of natural beauty with a touch of added volume. This unique style features an interplay of two different textures, creating a playful and flirtatious look.


Beauties who love natural makeup but still want to accentuate their eye charm.

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GLUE -brush the cluster lash glue on your natural lashes and wait for 10-15 seconds.

LASH - place the clusters below your natural lashes, 1-2mm away from the eyelid.

PRESS - use an applicator to hold attached cluster lashes in place.

SEAL - apply a thin layer of lash seal for reinforcement.

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